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Gray LU using dry stone wall hanging pendant 4

Jan 13, 2016

Chapter in the main told Shandong Lu gray, and five Lotus, and Shandong gray Ma, granite stone in wall surface dry hanging in the encountered of some problem, here main on dry hanging pieces do a specific of description, although in whole stone curtain wall in the hanging pieces just a small of accessories, but it is up with 42 pulled Jack of role, also can said in whole stone curtain wall of quality and security problem in the hanging pieces is most key of accessories one of. But stone wet strengthening method or the dry method when installing its iron fittings are corroded and spread to the yellow stone surface rust. Due to the factors causing rust yellow is due to instability of the stone itself contains iron-bearing or extraneous rust rust yellow due to water penetration to the stone surface. So, reducing the moisture content of stone, you can avoid the occurrence of yellow rust stone, the preventive measures are as follows:

A stone before installation, applied for protection, prevention of water tablets to avoid iron-bearing with moisture and oxygen in the air caused by the oxidation of rust yellow grey Ma.

During the second, stone cleaning, avoid the use of acid detergent, acid soluble iron-bearing stone further react with the oxygen in the water, the air and cause yellow rust.