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Holidays at the end of stone construction machinery on how to properly store

Jan 13, 2016

Chinese new year is approaching, construction machinery in the North have stopped construction work, annual leave soon will allow construction machinery access to longer-term recuperation time, equipment storage and maintenance will affect next year's use, which should be highly valued customers and hand.

Construction machinery on how to properly store engineering machinery operator should acquire important knowledge. In particular construction machinery may not for a long time, or after a project is finished, this machinery must be stored for a long time. Engineering machinery and equipment needed to correct long-term storage is becoming an important issue, then how long stored in storage during the maintenance of construction machinery equipment, so that they do not affect subsequent use?

1, should be parked in the dry Interior. Had to stop at an outdoor, select level ground and covered with wood. After docking with cloth cover.

2, before long-term storage, mechanical maintenance, repair damaged parts, and clean, keep the good technical condition.

3, stop the arrangement and layout of the airport, should ensure that any mechanical movement which are not subject to mechanical impact.

4, the machine should be the fuel control lever to idle position, the control lever to neutral position.