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How to maintain Quartz kitchen tile?

May 22, 2018

Daily maintenance and cleaning of Quartz kitchen floor tiles  .

1. The daily cleaning of tile can be washed with detergent, soap, or soap with a little mixture of ammonia and turpentine.

2. Polishing brick should be waxed regularly, with a time interval of 2-3 months.

3. If scratches appear on the surface of the brick, toothpaste can be applied to the scratches and can be repaired with dry cloth.

4. The cracks of brick and brick are not regularly used to remove dirt, and then apply a layer of waterproof agent in the gap to prevent mold growth.

5. Rust can be washed with 2% oxalic acid solution and then cleaned with clean water.Use 3-4 pills of vitamin C to crush the powder, sprinkle it on the surface of the floor tile, then rub it in water several times, and remove rust stains.If the rust is rusty, 10% of the oxalic acid, citric acid and water mixture will be soaked in the rust, then rub it again with concentrated salt water.If you have fresh lemon, you can squeeze out the juice and rub it on the rust stain with your hands. Repeat until the rust is removed, then wash with soap.

6, all kinds of adhesive can use banana water remove, pure banana oil is colorless transparent liquid, volatile has a strong smell bananas, slightly soluble in water, soluble in a variety of organic solvents, flammable, mainly used as a solvent and paint thinner.

7. It is suggested that when using ceramic tiles, it should be carefully maintained.When cleaning, can use neutral cleaner to clean, and glazed ceramic tile surface has no fine hole, daily maintenance do not waxing, lest tile face becomes slippery.


How to distinguish the good and bad of Quartz kitchen wall tiles :


Basically be to see whether there are black spots on the surface of the Quartz tile kitchen countertops , air bubble, pinhole, cracks, scratches, spots or not, and the lack of edge, missing Angle bo changes a brick also note whether there is leakage, grinding defects such as leakage, whether out of shape.


Phase modulation component

Try Quartz tile kitchen counter feel, same specification product, quality is good, the brick hand feeling of density is very heavy, on the contrary, the product of qualitative times feels lighter.


Listen to the

By tapping the Quartz backsplash tiles , the tile is identified by listening to the sound.

Spell it

Take 4 pieces of products of the same size and model, and make a spout. This step can be used to check the size, flatness and straightness of tiles.



1. Six advantages of porcelain bricks.

Low water absorption rate is low, just under 0.08%, only 1/30-1/5 of European standard and natural stone. It is used all the year round and never changes color, leaving no marks as new.

The high temperature of high wear system is made of high temperature, and the hardness of mo-type is 8, and the wear resistance is < 150MM3, and the wear-resisting degree is the most.

The size is uniform and computerized production and inspection equipment, strict quality control, uniform size, easy construction.

Acid rain is becoming more and more serious in the process of industrialization. It has become the main cause of industrial environmental pollution. Porcelain bricks are made of high temperature, acid and alkali resistant, no stains and easy to clean.

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