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How to maintain quartz stone countertops?

Oct 30, 2018

How to maintain quartz stone countertops?


Solid Surface Sparkle Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertop Layout.jpgIn order to achieve rapid cleaning results, many consumers often use super-strong detergents and detergents with unknown ingredients. These detergents and detergents often contain strong acidity and alkalinity. If these liquids are often used for wiping, the quartz stone countertops will lose their luster and the brightness will decrease. Quartz stone countertops are compact, non-porous composites that are pressed with a super-large press and are stain-resistant with a new generation of nano-anti-fouling technology that does not require the use of any decontaminants. If you feel that the countertop is a bit dirty, just use a regular cleaning cloth dipped in warm water and slowly wipe it to be as bright as new.

The quartz stone material itself is a typical refractory material with a melting point of up to 1300 degrees. However, the bottom temperature of the hot pot is extremely high and is covered with gray stains. The extremely high temperature gray stains are in direct contact with the quartz stone countertops, which may change the molecular structure of the surface of the quartz stone countertops, causing the hot rise and contraction of the countertops to be cracked or left. Gray stains. It is recommended to put a heat insulation mat on the table and then put the hot pot.

There are many kinds of waxes on the market, such as water-based wax, stearic acid wax, oil-based wax, and acrylic wax. These waxes not only contain more or less acid-base substances, but also easily contaminate the quartz stone countertops with wax scale. The wax scale is prone to discoloration over a long period of time, which affects the beautiful color of the quartz stone countertop.