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How to prevent the explosion when using quartz stone countertops?

Nov 01, 2018

How to prevent the explosion when using quartz stone countertops?


Artificial Quartz Restaurant Counters Free Estimate For Hotel Vanity Remodification.jpgThe surface of quartz stone countertops is generally not burnt by high temperatures, but it is necessary to avoid long-term local heating of quartz stone countertops. Do not place the hot household utensils directly on the quartz stone countertop. It is recommended to use a pot mat with good heat insulation to protect your countertop. Otherwise, the quartz countertop will be cracked. Do not cut large bones on the table, impact heavy objects or stand on the table, especially in weak parts such as stoves and basins. Although quartz stone countertops have a certain hardness and supporting force, they cannot withstand such impact and gravity, which will cause the table to break.

Although the quartz stone countertop is hard, using a sharp sharp tool to knock the countertop or directly cut the vegetables on it will leave scratches on the quartz stone countertop, so be sure to put the cutting board when cutting vegetables. However, if the quartz stone countertop has traces, it can be lightly rubbed with 180-400 mesh sandpaper according to the depth of the knife edge, and then treated with scouring pad.

The tap water we use contains a lot of bleach and scale, and the residence time is too long, which will make the quartz stone countertop lighter and affect the appearance. Therefore, dry it with a dry rag after cleaning.