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How to raise stone blocks into works out Panel rates

Jan 13, 2016

Stone cutting machine can be used separately to different depths of cut stone, the stone less than 1m3 the following can be processed, treasure, greatly reduce the aggregate resources, also helps protect the environment. to machinery of various types of stone cutting, processing more efficient, effective utilization of small stones, and low production costs.

Processing equipment and cutting data processing equipment includes sand saw two types of stone and diamond circular saw machine.

Sand saw efficiency high, can out big plate, but shortage material saw cut process in the only one-time saw cut finished, cannot human control saw cut way; gold steel stone disc saw stone machine using diamond round saw tablets cutting, its structure simple, saw cut mobility strong, according to process can free cutting shortage material, but shortcomings is efficiency low, out Board size by diamond saw tablets size limit. Sawing depth at around 64Omm, and cannot be completely cut.

Sand-sawing block size is generally about when clever, sawn width 7mm, cutting depth with the block height, CA about Zm; disc sawing block size is generally about 5 o'clock, the saw kerf width Rui 10MM, by diameter diamond saw blade cutting depth limit. Based on our many years of practice, the shortcomings of traditional cutting process, made bold explorations on the circular saw sawing, forming a scroll sawing blocks of new technology effectively overcomes the blocks irregular negative impact on the rate can reach full use of blocks, improving the rate of purpose.