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How to use marble tiles?

Nov 14, 2018

How to use marble tiles?


Crema Marfil Tiles Marble For Flooring.jpgIn terms of industrial expression, traditional marble tiles are basically based on realistic industrial methods. The traditional industrial expression of marble tiles is also expressed on the surface of tiles by inkjet printing technology.

Marble tile application is an art, marble tile application public space, usually choose the color to be soft, bright, magnificent and simple and natural style decoration, and indoors can choose light color products to match, such as light gray, Light yellow tone, such as snow white, Pas high gray, beige series or Anna beige.

The marble tile mosaic is made of marble tiles with different color textures. The marble tile mosaic effect is beautiful and atmospheric, adding a lively atmosphere to the interior decoration. At the same time, a beautiful and beautiful marble tile mosaic is a beautiful scenery. You can get an unexpected space concept.