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Jade quality six-part

Jan 13, 2016

Jade, warming food, good or bad. General-ABC cargo, a cargo is a natural product, b is to use acid or caustic liquids immersion change the original impurity added smoothness of a method through which c is made from synthetic quartz powder additives. In addition to selecting a professional like Shang Weilian formal jade enterprises to buy things, anecdotal and there are seven tips: color, transparent, uniform, shape, knock, pictures. These six tips to help you identify jade material into thirds.

Color: color to be beautiful is the first element, the most pleasing color is bright green (Jo green), although most top color is dark green, but green is too deep, and people think it's too dark, so Prime quality dark green but higher in price than the bright green.

: End of high transparency, jade has a great impact on the value. Yu give the feeling of a cool, transparent, opaque jade, the color no matter how charming the Green, but give the feeling tones too dull, lack of dramatic beauty. Usually jade transparency on the market known as the "glass", translucent jade is called "ice types" or "Goddess of species" opaque jade is known as "hibiscus species" or "Taro".