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Ledge stone knowledge

Jan 13, 2016

Window function is beautiful and decorative, currently available for window decoration materials of natural stone and artificial stone, stone, metal, wood, etc. The stone because of its outstanding waterproof became the mainstream of window decoration materials, decorative features of the glare but stone has a lot of categories, then how to choose the most appropriate?

1, ledge stone sorting

Ledge stone materials have both natural stone and artificial stone, natural stone is made up of marble and granite, artificial stone General, quartz and many other varieties, ledge stone are not large in area, so there's no demanding seamless, generally with more natural stone. Area of Bay window while a portion of House decoration is very small, but its importance is not light at all. Ledge stone of your choice of, a lot of people because they do not understand, and wavered between different materials.

Marble: color changing, shades, a variety of luster, a unique natural beauty easy infiltration of dirty, need regular maintenance, not very good care, are more expensive.

Granite: very hard texture, decoration natural, easier than the conservation of Marble Granite color and texture than marble, radiation is relatively large, more expensive.

Artificial stone: light weight, high strength, thickness and hail resistance corrosion, contamination and has good machinability, made of curved, surface construction; prices are relatively cheaper than on the color and texture of natural marble, granite and other beautiful, natural and soft; light particularly artificial stone Sun is prone to yellowing.