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Square ground granite selection tips

Jan 13, 2016

Square ground, large area, so the amount of stone paving is also very large, involving paving stone varieties and specifications, for outside the ground, laying the ground characteristics of granite to make it more suitable for square, processed into small stone product specifications (100*100mm square, hexagonal and rhombic 100mm or 80mm), devoted to paving the square, dominated by granite materials. In placing square ground, tint products mostly (main color), black and red color see less (color scheme). Using color products generally use a more upscale and luxury varieties.

Square ground granite in the choice of what to pay attention? we should from the following three aspects are simple to understand.

1: the thickness of the stone, stone thicker bending, but not unlimited use of thick stone. Common simple conversion by: 2T under square stone thickness is at least 6cm above, plus 1T, added 3cm,20cm for the ceiling.

2: stone the size, if you don't consider the stone size, simply increase the thickness, is not economical, and is not conducive to construction, and some dimension stone is also not easy to break one of the measures, namely building stones and decorative stone products with specifications.