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Stone protecting agent according to the protective effect of classification

Jan 13, 2016

Protection category:

1, waterproof protective agent: after you applied, can prevent water penetration to the stone inside, but also has anti-fouling (partial), acid and alkali, ageing resistance, resistance to freezing and thawing and biological attack and other functions. Such as acrylic, acrylic and silicone stone protective agent.

2, smear-proof Protectant: specifically designed for stone surfaces stain-repellant, which focused mainly on anti-fouling properties and other properties, general effect. As antifouling agent for porcelain tiles surfaces.

3, comprehensive protection: in addition to excellent oil, stain resistant and anti-aging properties, but also has stone waterproof protector all functions.

4, professional protection agent: specially for stone surface glazing, add special functions, such as requirements to develop the protective agent. Color stone protective agent, add stone protective agent.