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The specific method for the identification of quartz grain hardness

Jan 13, 2016

Usually we just know high hardness of quartz sand, the hardness is Morse 7, but Morse 7 quartz sand is how to define and test it? Analysis of the following for our customers.

Quartz sand of main components for SiO2, its main features is hard, and wear, science on hardness of defined for material local resistance outside objects pressure into its surface of capacity, actually quartz sand of hardness depends on quartz sand ore of Silicon content, quartz sand internal structure and its main composition components, according to test method of different and can is divided into designated marks hardness and pressure into hardness and back jumped hardness.

First species method, take big particles quartz sand raw materials, flat put Yu platform Shang, available iron, metal of sharp end on quartz sand surface for designated marks, iron of Mo's hardness for 5, if iron in quartz sand surface left deep of designated marks, description this class quartz sand quality not qualified, because quartz sand hardness for 7, relative should of by iron in quartz sand surface across no left traces or designated marks more light of quartz sand is for qualified products.