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What applications can marble have?

Oct 23, 2018

What applications can marble have?


Indoor Floor Marble Mosaic Medallion.jpgWhy is it marble, which is the standard of today's textured life? Perhaps it is because the changes around us are too fast and too artificial. We are beginning to desire an item to make life and mood settle down. Marble, with its natural and dynamic lines and clean and awkward mood, is the best choice for people.

The watch can be regarded as the indispensable taste detail in the shape. With marble as the dial, the hands can reveal the elegance, even the ordinary sweaters and shirts, because of the contrast of the texture, it has become the level of detail. Girls who love jewelry can concentrate the marble elements on the earlobe, neck and chest, so that the high-cold system is elegant.

Take a look at the sun in the house, choose a corner suitable for emptying, attach a marble wall, put on a beige carpet or wooden floor tiles, put on a comfortable suede chair, or put on artificial fur, add a small coffee table, drink There is a good afternoon tea. Or a small object such as a marble side table, marble tableware, or marble potted plants, is also the beginning of a sense of life. Use marble pieces to create a quality life. Just like the grain of marble, every time you look at it, you are familiar with it. Every time you look at it, it is brand new.