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What are the advantages of quartz stone as a cabinet material?

Oct 17, 2018

What are the advantages of quartz stone as a cabinet material?


Ceserstone Artificial Quartz Stone That Look Like Nature Marble.jpgAs quartz stone is widely used in home decoration, more and more people will choose to use quartz stone as the cabinet material in the kitchen decoration. What advantages does quartz stone cabinet have compared with traditional wooden cabinet? Wooden cabinets are generally made of wood glued by chemical glue. They contain harmful components more or less, such as formaldehyde, which we often hear, while quartz stone cabinets are made of quartz sand and resin. High pressure pressing, does not contain any ingredients that may cause environmental pollution, quartz stone has been listed as a green decorative stone by the country.

For the fire and high temperature in the kitchen, it is not necessary to say more, so it is necessary to consider the fire resistance and high temperature resistance. The wooden cabinet itself is a flammable body and the high temperature contact is also prone to qualitative change, and the wood does not have fireproof performance. Quartz stone itself has fireproof performance, and the quartz stone plate itself can withstand up to 300° high temperature, which has certain advantages as a cabinet material.

It is a headache for the kitchen where the soot is heavy. It takes a lot of time to clean it up. The surface of the quartz stone is smooth, without any pores and fine cracks, so that the stain can be hidden in the body. It can be quickly cleaned up with clean water. It can be easily done with soapy water for stubborn stains.