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What are the quartz stone paving techniques?

Sep 28, 2018

What are the quartz stone paving techniques?


Quartz Engineered Stones Color Chart With Free Silestone Samples.jpgAt present, quartz stone is increasingly used in various public places, family spaces and the like. Due to the extremely low water absorption rate of quartz stone, it is difficult to paste the surface. When it is bonded with traditional cement mortar, if it is improperly treated, it will easily appear water spots and discoloration, resulting in more empty drums, cracking, falling off, drums, etc.

 Quartz stone is used more and more in the ground, in order to avoid this undesirable phenomenon, the choice of materials is particularly important. The thickness of quartz stone should be more than 20mm. It should be used on the ground with the quartz stone manufacturer when purchasing. The formula of quartz stone floor tile should be different from other application fields. The binder should be discarded using traditional cement paste, and special rubber powder should be used. Since the surface of the quartz stone is smooth, it is necessary to brush the adhesive before it is separated from the adhesive.

After the quartz stone is installed, it must meet the specified requirements before walking on it to avoid uneven paving or damage.