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What is Agate Stone Slab?

May 25, 2018
Agate stone slices

The manube stone has multiple symbolic meanings and is an ancient stone admired by the east and the west.It is said that it was introduced to China from the west.

The ancient mongols saw the colors of agate and the beautiful patterns that resembled the horses' brains. They thought it was a stone from the horse's head.

Later, the horse brain agate foolishness did not know gradually to become popular in the east and west.

In the east, onyx is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism.Since ancient times, it has been used as a ward of evil spirits and amulets, symbolizing friendly love and hope, which can help eliminate negative energy such as stress, fatigue and turbidity.In the west, agate has a magical transmission power, with energy to transfer good wishes to nature.

Legend, the goddess of love and beauty of the Buddha boroditsky, lying on a sleeping under the tree, her son eros, secretly took her glittering nail clippings, and merrily merrily with nails, fly in the sky.Eros, flying into the air, accidentally dropped his nails, and the nails that fell to the ground became stone, agate.Therefore, some people think that having agate can strengthen love and adjust the relationship between oneself and lover.In the myth of Japan, the jade emperor's life is dedicated to the heavenly god, which is the green agate of the crescent moon, which is also one of the three Japanese artifacts.

More than 10 years of Greek heroes who fought against Troy, visible is not smooth, is not heroes don't hard, in addition to strong Troy, another reason is because internal operations does not agree.Achilles and his leader, Agamemnon, had been invulnerable, and the arrow of the sun god had fallen in the heel.The god of the craft, hehuaistos, felt that this would consume the greeks, and therefore the special fire was engraved with a beautiful agate, instead of the original army seal.In the barracks, agate emits the composed, stability, and the gentle energy, gas cleaning turbid, moderate stress, eliminate stress, the opinion is unified, finally out of a Trojan horse, to shoot a Troy.

Danube stone is widely used in floor tiles with colorful colors, adding to the beauty of furniture.such as Agate slab,Natural agate slices, Blue agate slice,Agate stone slices,Blue agate slab.