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What is Quartz stone?

May 18, 2018

Quartz artificial stone  is a very broad concept, to put it bluntly call all man-made stone artificial stone, because the packing is different, the texture and properties of different, we are now seen acrylic, quartz, marble is a kind of artificial stone.


Quartz stone floor tiles also has the advantage that other traditional artificial stone does not have: the sense of natural stone material and beautiful burnish, color is richer, wearability is high not afraid to scratch, never deform.High temperature resistance, food grade, mildew invariable color constant.


As soon as quartzite appeared, it was very popular, and the impact of the traditional artificial stone on the representative of dupont co.To this day, the absolute market advantage has been occupied.



Quartz stone advantages´╝Ü


Durability: high density, high hardness of wear-resisting material, it is the premise that the mesa can withstand "a thousand malleability".Quartz filler content is the quartz content as high as 99.9%, and the hardness is the result of his own structure of quartz, 3 d mesh structure makes it difficult to change, its physical hardness is second only to the nature of the diamond.Quartz countertops have a life span of several decades, and the maintenance cycle can be extended to 2-3 years.


Antibacterial property: it can avoid the breeding of bacteria and ensure the health of cooking.The quartz stone contains antibacterial agent, and Quartz stone dining table have little capillary, so you don't need to worry about oil seepage. Just wipe it with water.


Cleanliness: the material itself has a strong resistance to water, oil, dirt and bacteria, and easy to clean.The quartz stone contains antibacterial agent, and Quartz stone for kitchen have little capillary, so you don't need to worry about oil seepage. Jus



How to identify the quality of quartzite?

Thickness: the stone stone that makes kitchen mesa, the thickness should reach 1.5 centimeters (cm) above, this thickness is earthquake-resistant ability strong, can make mesa has toughness.Some manufacturers in order to save cost quartz stone thickness only 1.3 cm, so the mesa is easy to break.Everyday in our stores or do the kitchen display, see the table in front of the thickness is 4 cm, scan will find (1.5 cm) from the table at the centre of a convex edge, that's a thickening in water treatment.The thickened part is to prevent the surface water from flowing into the cabinet.

Content: quartzite normal practice is 93% of quartz sand +7% resin + a few metals or glass, hardness is very high.The fake ones are made of marble and resin, which has a much lower hardness.

Density: there are two types of quartz: one is the pressing plate, which is made from high temperature and pressure, so the density is strong, the surface has no pores, and the oil stain is not easy to penetrate.

Quartz Stone