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What is the production process and market development trend of quartz stone?

Sep 20, 2018

What is the production process and market development trend of quartz stone?


Silver Red Quartz Stone Shine Sparkle Stone Fabricator Near Me.jpgThe production and application of quartz stone has become very common, thanks to the growing maturity of quartz stone production technology, bringing us into the era of a quartz stone. Due to the very expensive development cost of this production line and the difficulty in controlling the production technology of quartz stone products, the production technology of quartz stone is still controlled by a few manufacturers. South Korea's manufacturers of quartz stone exports to the US and Europe market up to 130 million US dollars. The consumption trend of foreign quartz stone has attracted consumers to look forward to, and also let cabinet manufacturers look forward to wearing.

Quartz is a crystal, glass is not a crystal, glass is a glassy substance, and quartz is an atomic crystal. The second is to use granite, the material of the granite is used to adjust the color of the quartz stone instead of the quartz stone. The granite is made of calcium carbonate as the filler, which has low hardness and is easy to break. In addition, many small-scale production models use manual casting. The production equipment and process are based on the slight improvement of ordinary artificial stone. The produced pseudo-quartz has the disadvantages of easy deformation, poor hardness, easy bleed, and many bubbles. These problems do not exist when pressed under high pressure.

At present, the development direction of quartz stone products is mainly in kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, bar counters, coffee tables, floors and inner and outer wall heads, etc., which will completely replace natural stone, high-grade ceramics, wood and metal decorative materials. At the same time, the proportion of quartz stone application is constantly changing. Quartz stone is becoming a new substitute in the kitchen cabinet industry, and the proportion of ground stone decoration is increasing dramatically. Quartz stone has a very high level of splicing and styling technology. If you don't pay attention to it, it will leave a flaw. The hardness of quartz stone also has higher requirements for the splicing of quartz stone.