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What should pay attention to when processing quartz stone?

Nov 05, 2018

What should pay attention to when processing quartz stone?


Artificial Pink Glass Recycle Sparkle Quartz Stone Caesar Stone China.jpgQuartz stone processing is an important part of ensuring the quality of countertops. No matter how good the quartz stone plate is, it will also have quality problems if it does not follow the strict quartz stone processing method.

The processing requirements of quartz stone, in principle, the same as the processing of natural stone, which is made with natural granite and granite. Operators who process quartz stone preferably have experience in processing natural stone. Operators who have experience in processing ordinary artificial stone but have no experience in processing natural stone must, in principle, be trained before they can be employed.

Quartz stone joints are generally 45 degree splicing. When splicing, the connecting surface must be straightened with a straight knife, and the butt joints can be connected seamlessly. Before connecting, the glue color must be tested first, and the color can be spliced before it can be connected. The remaining glue at the joint is removed by a small blade after the gel is not hard. When the glue is completely hardened, it is polished and the grinding range should not be expanded. After the quartz stone is connected, there will be traces like the line at the splicing place, but it is not easy to see without careful observation, and it does not affect the appearance.