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4 Ways To Judgment Cabinet Quartz Stone Countertop

Jun 20, 2017

4 Ways to Judgment cabinet Quartz Stone countertop 

Judgment Method 1: Look

It is important to judge the merits and demerits of quartz stone because the finish represents stain resistance. The easiest way is to use a marker on the quartz stone to draw to see if it can be wiped, can be wiped to explain the stain resistance is strong, can not afford to say that the stain resistance is poor, it is recommended not to buy.

In addition, the regular manufacturers of quartz stone in the back have a code, pay attention to see signs.

Judgment method two: plan

Hardness is the identification of wear resistance, the simple method is to use steel knife plan, with the key can not achieve the role of identification. Quartz stone is made of 94% quartz and 6% resin, hardness of 7 degrees, and the stone is made of marble powder and resin synthesis, so the hardness is generally 4-6 degrees, simply said that the quartz stone ratio Hard stone, more scratch-resistant, wear-resistant.

Steel knife across, leaving the white printed fake quartz stone, because the hardness of the board as steel, was cut off the surface of steel knife, exposed inside the white. And pure quartz stone was crossed by steel knife, will only leave a black print, steel knife is not moving quartz stone, but left the traces of steel caused by a black and white, true and false legislation.

Judgment Method 3: burn

Quartz stone because of its own characteristics of the material, determines its high temperature characteristics, 300 degrees Celsius below the temperature will not have any impact on it, that is, no deformation and fracture; Gang stone because it contains a lot of resin, so in the High temperature conditions are particularly prone to deformation and performance of the phenomenon of charred.

Will be lit cigarette butts on the table, or directly burned with a lighter, no trace of the real goods, there are coke traces of fake.

Judgment Method 4: Acid

High-quality quartz stone countertops will generally add 100% premium aluminum powder, a teaspoon of edible white vinegar can make all the inferior artifact stone, quartz stone show prototype. But other types of vinegar invalid, such as vinegar invalid.

With a spoonful of white vinegar poured on the artificial stone and quartz stone on the table, 30 seconds later, if there are many tiny bubbles that is false quartz stone. Because the pseudo-quartzite in the calcium carbonate and white vinegar will be a chemical reaction, resulting in bubbles. Such countertops are low prices, easy to aging, cracking, picking color, short service life.

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