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Agate Stone Slab

Feb 11, 2018

Agate Stone Slab is a mineral in the late Volcano hydrothermal filling early holes, are quartz, hardness 6.5-7 level. Agate Stone Slab color is a trace of metal or colored minerals to the shape of the space and more related to the wind and sand by the rough, smooth stone surface, a clear sense of transparency. Agate Stone Slab is extremely rich in color, yellow, white, red, ocher, blue, purple, gray each show its beauty, Ambilight, colorful. Onyx stone plate symbiosis with bright red jasper, or on the white agate with black jasper, or on the red jasper symbiotic blue agate blocks, they alternate and expensive, interchangeable and odd, unpredictable, and often People can not believe my eyes and marvel at the magical nature of nature.