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Countertops Quartz

Oct 16, 2017
Countertops quartz.jpg

                               Countertops quartz

The first Countertops quartz in the actual use, to avoid 

contact with high temperature objects such as hot pot and 

other direct contact, you can put some pot pad or

placemat; and the Countertops quartz clean up stains and dirt, with soapy water or detergent containing ammonia detergent; the last Countertops quartz water stains to use wet cloth to remove, and then dry cloth clean.The advantages of countertops quartz:

● smooth surface without pores, stain resistance, easy to clean care.

● colorful rich, choice, with a natural stone texture and ceramic-like luster.

● texture corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature, compression, impact resistance, anti-penetration, is a good countertop material.

● has a good plasticity, and can truly achieve seamless stitching, you can make any shape, can be highly repairable.Compared with natural marble, artificial stone is not 

radiant, no adverse effects on the human body.