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Double Color Quartz Stone

Dec 11, 2017
Double Color Quartz Stone.jpg

Double Color Quartz Stone plate must be processed and installed to use, Double Color Quartz Stone processing and installation requires professional skills, service provided by the company authorized dealer or processing service point, the brand cabinet OEM production of Double Color Quartz Stone plate, by the brand cabinets Shop to provide after-sales service.

Factories rich products, covering imported and domestic high, mid-range artificial stone and quartz stone, one-stop to meet the needs of all levels; factory processing technology is strong, advanced equipment, especially for hyperboloid, 3D modeling and other special-shaped processing is in the industry alone collar Coquettish, has accumulated a wealth of construction and management experience

The company has advanced automatic Double Color Quartz Stone production line. Process unique formula, developed a series of more, more color, multi-standard high-grade quartzite. The product has no radiation, acid, anti-aging, high strength, high hardness, non-absorbing characteristics. Widely used in home interior decoration, high-end cabinets countertops, laboratory laboratory console, star hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, office buildings, hotels and restaurants, education research, medical institutions, public places such as the ground, walls and a variety of work Table top, its superior surface physical and chemical properties and performance is unmatched by other materials.

With our good reputation, strong technical force, scientific management, first-class service, the successful products to the domestic and foreign markets, and customers alike. We will uphold the quality and service-oriented purposes, for the majority of new and old customers with advanced technology, high quality, affordable quartz stone plate, artificial stone plate and artificial stone deep-processed products.