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Engineered Stone

Nov 27, 2017
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Engineered stone usually refers to Engineered stone solid surface material, Engineered stone quartz stone, artificial stone and so on.

Engineered stone is a synthetic decorative material. In accordance with the different binder, can be divided into organic artificial stone and inorganic artificial stone two categories. According to their different production process, but also can be divided into polyester artificial marble, synthetic artificial marble, silicate artificial marble, sintered artificial marble four types.

Engineered stone maintenance are: Routine maintenance Simply sponge, wipe with a mild detergent, will be able to keep clean; To disinfect, with diluted daily bleach (with water 1: 3 or 1: 4) or other Disinfect the potion to wipe its surface. Please wipe the water stains with a towel in time to try to keep the table dry.

Engineered stone maintenance are: due to water scale, strong oxidizer (chloride), water in the kitchen counter for a long time stay will have a hard to remove stains, please use hair dryer to dry, a few hours or days, the stain will be slow Slowly disappear. Small white traces available edible oil wet cloth lightly wipe the surface removed.

Man-made stone maintenance there are: there are small stains available neutral detergent, gel-like toothpaste wipe.

Engineered stone care are:

⑴ matte surface: clean with a stain cleaner circle, and then cleaned, and then dried towel dry. Interval period with a hundred cleaning cloth to wipe the entire table again, to keep it smooth surface.

⑵ semi-matt surface: with a hundred cloth dipped in non-abrasive cleaner circle polished, then towel dry, and with non-abrasive polishing to enhance the surface brightness.

⑶ high-gloss surface: with a sponge and non-abrasive polishing agent. Particularly difficult to remove the dirt, available 1200 sandpaper polished, and then use a soft cloth and light (or furniture wax) brighten.