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Exquisite Quartz Countertop---Lianyuxing Quartz Stone 7 Futures

Dec 05, 2016

Kitchen is a very important space for every home, So it is a very emphasis in decoration. A stylish kitchen will bring unstoppable pleasure for a family. There can’t be missing the individual elegant, environment-friendly, crack resistant, pollution resistant, and maintenance-free worktop in kitchen, so the quartz stone countertop prevails on kitchen countertop.

1 Heat resistance: Fire resistance, the melting point reaches to 1300 degrees. So it is a safe material.


2 Hardness: Artificial quartz stone contains up 93% quartz sand, the hardness is just second to the hardest diamond, so it is scratch-free and crack resistant.

3 Crack resistance and scratch resistance: Lianyuxing quartz stone use high quality quartz sand and rasin, after the thickness.

4 Corrosion resistance: The real quartz stone is not including marble or granite powder, so there is no calcium element in it and a certain acid liquid can’t stain the surface.


5 confirmation, press machine high pressure, High temperature curing and polishing, the important step is High temperature curing, which makes Lianyuxing quartz stone stands out.

6 Texture, pattern and kitchen coordination and harmony: From the material texture, luster, pattern diversity and richness, the quartz stone is most suitable and first choice.

7 The quartz countertop craftsmanship and professional: Lianyuxing attaches importance not only to color and pattern but also to processing craftsmanship. We have experienced and skilled workers to make the joint perfect. Lianyuxing quartz stone is defect-free.
Lianyuxing quartz stone directly exports to EU and USA market, we have Stone Show on American in January,2016.