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Five Features Lianyuxing Quartz Stone

Dec 21, 2016

1. Lianyuxing Quartz sand content over 93%, quartz sand chemical formula is SiO2, like diamond composition ensures its hardness is second to none in the various natural substances, such as knife mesa will not be scratched.

2. Lianyuxing Quartz surface resistance to high temperature , you can use the hot pot directly test quartz stone surface, but often use in the family we recommend using a gasket to protect surface.

3. Lianyuxing Quartz stone’s corrosion resistance: Because of without marble or granite powder, so use a percentage of the acid in the quartz surface, the quartz surface without any response.

4. Lianyuxing Quartz stone’s fouling resistance : inferior quartz fouling resistance is poorer, soy sauce, vinegar and so on to stay in the quartz table may be seeping into the surface is difficult to clean in one day, the most pervasive red wine is an important method of testing quartz surface, European and American countries of quartz island most used to share with friends, good food and wine. Macostone quartz stone, because of its powerful press molding, excellent polishing technology, so even the penetration of red wine can simply clean up gently use clothe ,the surface like at the beginning of the new

5. Because of the quartz stone content over 93%quarts sand, high hardness, high brittleness, low toughness at the same time, when the material can't afford to heat bilges cold shrink can appear when the inner stress cracking.But the Macostone technicians do in harmony and conflict, according to the characteristics of quartz sand, resin and other trace elements, using high temperature curing, fine-tuning the formula ratio, optimal combination, eliminating internal stress makes perfect slab, has carefully processing and molding processing master for the combination of hardness and flexibility Quartz surface.