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Sep 14, 2017


Gemstone to the kind of after the pondering and polishing, 

you can meet the jewelry requirements of the stone or 

mineral assembly. The color of the beautiful, high

hardness, in the atmosphere and the role of chemicals can not afford to change the precious ore. Can be used as instrument bearings, abrasives, decorations and so on. Also refers to the precious stones.Gemstone is a single crystal, its composition of the chemical elements to strictly adhere to the composition of the law, the impurity ions are relatively exclusive, so the chemical composition is relatively uniform, pure, so the Gemstone color is uniform, that is, a Gemstone color is a Or two relatively fixed ions caused by, such as ruby color is caused by the cr ions, sapphire color is caused by iron and 

titanium ions. The color of the Gemstone is relatively uniform, that is, the color of a Gemstone is basically distributed throughout the crystal. A gemstone consists of one or two pigment ions that make up a more uniform color.

Gem is a single crystal, the composition of the chemical elements are mainly inert gas-type ions and part of the transition-type ions, the chemical bond is mainly ion bonds, 

covalent bonds and the two of the mixed or composite bond, the chemical bond formed by the crystal was transparent , So most of the precious stones for the transparent body.