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Gemstone Slab

Sep 11, 2017
Gemstone slab.jpg

                                Gemstone slab

Gemstone slab has biological activity, can improve the 

body's physiological function and two-way regulation of the role of pH, can effectively absorb the toxic and harmful substances in the water and air odor, can dissolve a variety of trace elements, Gemstone slab is a natural nutrient source. Negative ions and far infrared function is much higher than other areas of similar stone, is the ideal new environmentally friendly building materials.

Gemstone slab can be used for the ground, the wall decoration; also with the Shoushou slate, tourmaline, tourmaline particles, Guiqi particles, etc., with the application of rock bath, sweat steam room, light wave room, sauna facilities.

The use of Gemstone slab can be used for cement substrates on the ground, walls, and slabs on slabs with heaters.