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How To Clean Quartz Countertop, 6 Tips

May 15, 2017

How To Clean Quartz Countertop

Quartz is a kind of stone that is very common and popular a kind of stone material, a lot of friends use it to do ambry mesa, because of the characteristics of quartz is wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure dirty and high temperature resistant, but no matter how good it is. Regular cleaning and maintenance, then we would bring you the kitchen quartz stone countertops cleaning methods and kitchen quartz stone countertops maintenance, Hope my friends will like it!

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Quartz stone cleaning method:

1, you can use scrubbing detergent products. After scrubbing can be used at home with car wax or furniture wax applied to the surface to be dry after the dry cloth back and forth friction, this will add a layer of protective film to the table.

2, in particular, need to pay attention to is the place where the plaster joints where the stains up if it is recommended to scrub in time, and here to focus on waxing, where the wax rate can be high here.

3, if the home of quartz stone counterfeit and the situation is not clean, you can contact the manufacturer with professional quartz powder to clean up.

4, it is recommended that you use a special cleaning supplies to scrub, scrub and then coated with a layer of car wax or furniture wax, and other dry wax and then dry cloth wiping back and forth friction, this will add a layer of protection to the table membrane.

5, there is a special need to pay attention to the place is the table where the seam, if found in the cracks stains, then in time to clean up, but also to focus here on the wax, it is best here waxing a little higher frequency.

6, if you find the home of quartz stone counterfeit situation, and their own is not clean, then this time we recommend that you directly contact manufacturers to deal with.



Quartz stone countertops maintenance:

General kitchen quartz stone countertop maintenance method is waxing, first of all we have to clean the table, and so the table is completely dry and then start the operation, the steps are as follows:

1, playing three enlightenment wax. When playing three enlightened waxes, pay attention to the use of non-fluffy cloth or waxing machine friction table, so you can prevent wax oil into the wood to go inside;

2, polished. In every fight after a wax must be wiped with a rag gently, so that can make the table more bright and shiny;

3, pay attention to the table seam. In the wax when the special attention to the table joints;

4, sandpaper polished surface. Each hit a enlightenment wax, until the table after drying with a very fine sandpaper polished surface, wipe clean, hit the second time.