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How To Distinguish True And False Quartz Stone Countertop

Jul 10, 2017

How to distinguish true and false quartz stone countertop

Cabinets as the daily life of each family, the most contact, the highest frequency of the use of the family plate, the need to purchase and production in a reasonable planning purchase, p201705181706035228506.jpgquartz stone countertop is one of the most popular materials. For how to distinguish between true and false quartz stone and the advantages and disadvantages of quartz stone, I believe we have a way.

Quartz stone sheet life and the reasons for the length of cracking, is not the reason for the quality of the plate? This is not entirely. Quartz stone countertop with a long service life with our daily maintenance and maintenance have a great relationship, for the quartz stone countertops and cracking reasons with the table there is a great relationship. Because the quartz stone manufacturers only produce the plate, we use the quartz stone countertops in the middle also need to process this part, so the processing may be left quality problems.

There is a burst of the first time we will think that is the problem of quartz stone plate itself, but more than 90% of the cracks are from the corner of the hole, here is worth considering, the following we and together to analyze the reasons It! Cabin countertops in the processing of its impact is very large, p201705191324013434709.jpgespecially the hole is very important. Quartz stone table openings to be smooth, can not have jagged shape, but can not be a simple right angle, to prevent the hole when leaving a small crack or collapse edge. Four corners to do not less than 20mm diameter rounded corners, and wipe with sandpaper smooth, in order to avoid stress at the hole in the table when the uneven force cracking.