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Is Good To Use Quartz Stone For Kitchen Countertops?

Jun 06, 2017

Is Good To Use Quartz Stone For Kitchen Countertops?

Quartz stone countertops advantage 

1, scraping does not spend

As we all know, the cabinet countertops put things more complex, in the daily life which will inevitably be scratched if the cabinet countertops were scratched, then the beauty will be affected. Quartz stone countertop hardness is relatively high, not easy to be scratched.

2, no pollution

Quartz stone countertops are produced in a vacuum, then his density is relatively high. In the water absorption rate is relatively small, which can effectively resist the acid-base material corrosion.

3, longer life

Quartz stone does not like other materials used in the table after a period of time because of scratches, or corrosion, etc. lead to color faded. Quartz stone, regardless of how long, will keep the surface smooth, if the table for a long time to save the ashes or dirty stains can be washed with detergent can be. It is not, you can also use a knife scraping.

4, flame retardant

In the kitchen, the easiest and most taboo is the fire, and if the cabinet is made of flammable, it is clear that it can provide fuel for the fire, and the quartz stone is completely non-burning, to a certain extent, to avoid the fire occur.

Quartz stone countertops also have a lot of shortcomings, in the premise of good value for money, then his price is naturally not low. And his product is relatively simple.

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