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Is There Any Radiation From Quartz Stone?

Jul 03, 2017

Is there any radiation from quartz stone

Quartz stone countertops are truly non-toxic, non-radiant environment-friendly countertops:

It is well known that natural stone is mixed with heavy metal elements and is radioactive. The quartz stone in the artificial compound before the raw material is granular, after a strict mineral processing, washing and de-impurities to the purification process, without heavy metal impurities, there is no radioactive problems.

Anti-corrosion: Quartz stone countertop with excellent acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance is the best performance of artificial stone, the daily life of acid and alkali is not enough to damage the table. Compared with artificial stone quartz stone more acid and alkali performance.

Anti-aging: Quartz stone material contains high-quality composite agent and anti-aging additives, it has a strong anti-aging ability, at room temperature, after years of use is basically not observed the aging of the material.

Anti-fading: quartz stone to mineral color-based, anti-fade ability is very high, not in strong sunlight for perennial local contrast irradiation, the naked eye is difficult to observe the color changes, basically can be considered non-fading material.

 As the cost of quartz stone production is high, so some unscrupulous manufacturers in order to reduce costs, in the production process by adding formaldehyde-containing glue, in order to play the role of solvent, and then the material after processing into the table or will remain super The amount of formaldehyde, on the indoors, it will always be volatile and strong smell of formaldehyde, if used for a long time, it is likely to cause cancer. So you friends in the purchase of quartz stone plate, we must not seek cheap and easy to buy this poor product, remember to carefully distinguish.

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