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Kitchen Sink

Nov 06, 2017
Kitchen sink.jpg

Kitchen sink, also known as kitchen sink, according to the material sub-plate enamel, ceramic, artificial stone, acrylic, crystal stone sink, stainless steel, cast iron enamel;On the one hand, the size of the sink should be sufficient to meet the needs of use. Consideration should also be given to the space occupied by the cabinetry as well as the layout of the kitchen relative to the preparation area and cooking area.

The shape of the kitchen sink has a rounded shape: a circular sink can add a touch of mobility to the kitchen by changing lines, but the interior of a circular interior is smaller than a square sink. Round sinks are common single and double basin design, and more than a small style of the small kitchen sink.

The shape of the kitchen sink also has a shaped sink: to ensure the use of functionality at the same time can be more rational use of space. Shaped tanks are also divided into single and double slots, according to the needs of use to choose from.

The shape of the kitchen sink and rectangular: rectangular tank interior space to maximize the use of sink design is also the most abundant. It is also easy to use with a removable drain basket and chopping board.