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Man Made Stone And Artificial Stone

Sep 28, 2017
Man Made Stone .jpgMan Made Stone is usually referred to as Man Made Stone

solid surface material, Man Made Stone  quartz stone, Man 

Made Stone  stone and so on. Man Made Stone  type is 

different, its composition is not the same. Ingredients are mainly resin, aluminum powder, pigments and curing agent.Man Made Stone  is a synthetic decorative material. According to the use of different adhesives can be divided into organic man-made stone and inorganic Man Made Stone two categories. According to the different production process, can be divided into polyester artificial marble, composite artificial marble, silicate artificial marble, sintered artificial marble four types.

Artificial Stone :

1. Man Made Stone  is "polymer material polymer", usually unsaturated resin and aluminum hydroxide filler as the main material, by stirring, shallow note, heating, polymerization and other process forming "polymer solid board" Generally known as: "resin board artificial stone".

2.Man Made Stone with "methyl methacrylate" (MMA) as the main material, also known as acrylic Man Made Stone.

3. MMA, resin mixture Man Made Stone , is between the two kinds of Man Made Stone

between the practicalMan Made Stone.