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Marble VS Granite Countertops Which Is Better

May 22, 2017

Marble VS Granite Countertops Which Is Better

With the improvement of our taste, stone products in restaurants, restaurants, KTV, office buildings, villas and other buildings have been widely used. Stone chemical composition of its own stable, strong acid resistance, the surface is not easy to produce chemical changes, its high wear resistance and hardness, weathering ability, with excellent physical properties, especially the white granite or marble surface smooth, crystal clear , The quality can be comparable with the jade, as decorations at home is even more noble and gorgeous!

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Crystal White Quartz Countertop Kitchen Top

Marble and Granite as two common decorative stone, in a different use of the environment which choose a more appropriate and more cost-effective? The following is an essential difference between the two, can be used as a reference.

Granite colors are generally light, gray, gray, light gray, red, meat red, etc. are more common.

Granite is mainly composed of quartz, feldspar, pyroxene, amphibole and other minerals, with a strong resistance to corrosion, compressive strength, high hardness, wear resistance, weather resistance, chemical stability, color and beautiful advantage.

Granite stone is no color stripes, most only color spots, there is a solid color. Which the finer the better the mineral particles, indicating that the structure is firm and strong.

Granite is the longest application, the most widely used, the most used rock. It is suitable for wind and rain and wear, mechanical performance requirements and high, such as building walls, large traffic hall, stairs, steps and other decoration. Family floor with granite decoration, can make the room noble, elegant, showing luxurious style. But it's more expensive.

Pure marble often snow white, containing impurities, showing black, red, yellow, green and other colors, and the formation of a variety of patterns, spots, like the landscape, flowers such as jade, abnormal pattern beautiful.

Marble mainly by the calcite, dolomite, Lingmei stone, serpentine mineral composition, the chemical stability is poor, not acid. The acidic substances and salts contained in the air have corrosive effects on the marble, resulting in the loss of glossy surface, high compressive strength, low water absorption, easy to clean, fine texture, is a more advanced indoor floor decoration materials The

Marble mineral composition is simple, easy processing, the majority of fine texture, mirror effect is better. The disadvantage is the texture of the granite than the soft, heavy objects hit when vulnerable to damage, light-colored stone easily polluted. Shop marble as much as possible to choose monochrome, select the table when the stripes of the fabric effect is better. Other selection methods can refer to the selection of granite method.

Marble is mainly used for processing into a variety of shapes, plates, for the building walls, ground, Taiwan, columns, also commonly used in monuments such as monument, tower, statue and other materials. Marble floor with a texture, a good finish, can give a rich sense of dignity, but the marble does not sound, not slip, not suitable for the bathroom and kitchen, and the price is more expensive.

As the granite and marble compared to the texture is more difficult and acid, so the granite in the home decoration is more suitable for outdoor balconies, courtyards, guest restaurants on the ground and windowsill. While the marble can be used for bar, cooking table, dining table.

The physical properties of the marble and granite and the structural characteristics of the material itself are the key to the determination of its use, so understanding the difference between the marble and the stone material of the granite will be clear about its use and its advantages and disadvantages.