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Move Towards A Stone Market Intensive Branding

Jan 13, 2016

Development of stone industry has experienced for so many years, from small to large, from single to cluster development. As the economic situation changes, transformation and upgrading of industry has entered a critical period.

Economy under the new normal, old government investment and consumption and driving the development of stone industry of real estate industry model, will be subject to new challenges. Stone practitioner to act in ways, marketing channels, changing the business structure.

Stone industry "Twelve-Five" program's "double up" (industrial restructuring and industrial transfer and upgrade), it is in the new normal economy under way. On the industry, stone industry's target market consists mainly of public works transferred to public works and home furnishings both; industry shift from the traditional distributed base of stone (yunfu, head, laizhou) "along the way", Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province transfer of strategic areas such as collaborative development, the Yangtze River economic belt. Upgrade is from the business model, product innovation, service, operational structure, with the promotion channels.