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Quartz Stone Countertop Polishing

Nov 28, 2016

The polishing technology is an important technology in quartz countertop processing, and the polishing step account for big part of the whole processing cost. The Main influencing factors as beow:

1.     The polishing should follow six mesh abrasive paper from 100-300-800-800-1000-1500-3000, only after strict polishing, can it show the elegant appearance.

2.     The good quartz surface basically made by the skilled worker, while the experienced worker labor cost is comparably high.


3.     The polishing angle must control less than 1mm, so that make sure the line looks very well.

4.     Must fix the countertop very well.
5.     Lianyuxing has very experience workers for polishing processing.
6.     The experience worker can handle the polishing tool steady, and the polishing line is very straight looks perfect.
7.     The polishing technology needs high quality polishing tool and pad.