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Quartz Stone Tile

Sep 21, 2017
Quartz stone tile.jpg

                            Quartz stone tile

Quartz stone tile in the market development is relatively fast, more and more widely used,Quartz stone tile with anti-corrosion, anti-aging, at 65 degrees Celsius deformation is not weathering peeling;Quartz stone tile with insulation, good warm effect;Quartz stone tile is non-toxic, harmless, non-asbestos carcinogenic microbial pollution, in line with world health standards;Quartz stone tile with a long moss, to prevent the growth of microorganisms, attachments, under the correct construction of strong winds;

Quartz stone tile with a tough texture, impact, even if the wheels run over can also restore the status quo;Quartz stone tile is safe and reliable, fire does not help combustion, fire;Quartz stone tile has a good lighting, can effectively solve the problem of lack of indoor light, energy saving, consumption, environmental protection.