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Quartz Wall Tile

Nov 22, 2017
Quartz wall tile.jpg

                             Quartz wall tile

Quartz wall tile is not easy to change because of his technical point is composed of the upper and lower, the upper is a mixture of quartz stone and resin, the lower is a mixture of marble and resin. The utility model can be up to 60 gloss units after polishing. Since the quartz stone material and the anticorrosive resin after curing are both acid-proof and alkali-resistant, the surface of the product has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance. Quartz wall tiles after firing burnished by the machine, the surface smooth, polished quartz brick. Quartz wall tiles with the same color and texture and stone, with non-slip, wear-resistant, pressure, acid and alkali properties, is the most commonly used home floor flooring. Quartz wall tiles because of the texture of stone, the price is cheaper, popular with consumers.