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Selecting A Granite Kitchen Counter Top

Feb 20, 2017

This article follows on from our first one about choosing a quartz stone counter-top. Here we publish another opinion on this issue- there are obviously similarities in criteria, but there can also be different sensibilities. Read on.

Would you like to put a quartz stone counter-top in the kitchen?
One assumes the answer is “Yes”.

Is the floor of the kitchen already installed?
If the answer to this question is in the affirmative, then you need to choose the furniture that is compatible with the flooring of the kitchen. Therefore, first decide on the furniture.

But if the answer is “no”, then you first need to choose the flooring of the kitchen. For the floor it is not necessary that it be of one material or of one colour. But first choose what you like the most to be placed in the areas which are not “conflictive”.

What is a not “conflictive” area?

It is one where there are no problems of grease stains, or where there is a lot of transit or problems due to the customary use in the preparation of food. Choose a floor material capable of resisting the effects of aggressive materials, that which resists oils, acids, detergents, etc.

For example, you can choose “cream” materials, granite, marble or ceramic, for these areas which are not “conflictive” and combine them with highly resistant materials in the front of the kitchen, where there is heat, with brown or other tones that look pleasant in the combination and which do not show small spots.

We could recommend more than 50 types of quartz stone that can be combined with all the colours you could want and which, moreover, do not give problems in wearing out nor in the absorption of spots.
It is enough to have the right advisor who indicates which material we should install.

Second, you need to combine the countertop with the flooring: there are, literally, thousands of varieties of granite in the world that can satisfy the aesthetic combination to your taste.