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Semi Precious Stone Slab

Aug 29, 2017

                         Semi Precious stone slab

Semi Precious stone slab, is the world's most beautiful, the most permanent and the most rare material synonymous. In the big family of precious stones, diamonds are well known to the public one, and colored gemstones have just been understood by the public.Semi Precious stone slab called, give people misunderstanding, Semi Precious stone slab, the other half is what? Is not fake? If the grade of lower gems called?

And the market does have a "Semi Precious stone slab plate" there, half of the precious stones are half of the true and false synthetic precious stones filled the market, for 

example, looks very beautiful fire Opal, you can look at his back, most of the paste A piece of wood to do the substrate, the surface is only a thin layer of natural opal.