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Small And Medium Sized Stone Enterprises To Promote Their Products

Jan 13, 2016

Stone for us businesses, surging Internet thinking, business model of Subversion has become the new normal trend, our inherent in traditional business style, now does not work. How should our businesses do? we are where is the way out? transformation is our stone will have to face the strategic task, which even the survival of our!

This is an information asymmetry into a symmetric and information spread fast, explosive era of widespread. Someone in Turkey or Italy, or anywhere in the world, opened to a new stone, his link to this information from the Internet in less than ten days, this information is through ICQ, MSN, Facebook, micro-credit, micro-blogging, and more media around the stone circle. In today's society, knows the information is easy, you know, I also know that this point all the basic symmetry. But the stone that must be seen, touched hands, personal perception of natural products. See who can make the end customer the first time, the first time can provide customers, who will have more opportunities. So the customer wants to see, you'll be able to see, want to buy can buy immediately, do not need horses Lawton, and set up display are stone sales way!