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Stone Also Can Make Mobile Phone Housing

Jan 13, 2016

Traditional stone composite panels and modern electronics mobile phone casing seems to be irrelevant, however, in stone town, Nanan, a stone found a combination of point-made iPhone shell-stone composite panels.

20th Nam on a stone company and Electronics "Emperor" Foxconn's Union in Nam announced: both sides developed the world's first ultra thin iPhone mobile shell of stone materials has entered into full production stage, the first 50,000 ultra-thin stone casing will be in September on the official Apple website put on.

This stone Apple cell phone case, 0.8 mm minimum thickness. In fact, the advent of ultra-thin stone casing, from Foxconn's active marriage. In early June this year, the company's research and Development Center doctor email received a letter from Foxconn technology group. They mentioned in the letter-appeal for iPhone6 tailored and iPhone6Plus a thin iPhone shell. Because of this letter, the doctor realized that mobile phone markets there this demand.