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The Features & Advantages Of Quartz Stone Surfaces

Jan 24, 2017

In 1984 the engineered quartz stone surface (artificial quartz stone) once was invented in Italy.

It was originally called “Bretonstone” because the technology was created and owned by the Italian company called Breton S.p.A.

It is composited by a mixture of approximately 93% of nature quartz stone together with 7% polyester resin and other additives, compressed into large size slab forms under vacuum condition.

Breton S.p.A then started building up manufacturing lines over the world by authorizing its technology.

Ever since then the engineered quartz stone had become the new trend of building product nowadays.

Up until year 2007, there was more than 28 quartz stone surfaces manufacturing plants have been established in 14 different countries. The global market volume for engineered quartz stone also jumped from tens of thousand US dollars in 1984 to over 3 billions in just 20 years of time. This is an incredible growing speed and it goes even faster while it gains popularity at China’s market.

So what exactly are the advantages of this material? As we know there are quite a few choices of stones can be used for decorating purpose: Nature stone like Granite/Marble; Artificial man-made stones such as engineered marble, artificial granite, crystallized glass panel, and solid surface; and of course thecomposited quartz stone.

Let us first compare with the nature stones.

Marble/granite has naturally formed artistic veins, with hardness of 4-6 (Moh’s), fairly high in scratch, heat and impact resistance, low entry level in mining, therefore these are currently the most commonly used decorative stones.

When compare to engineered quartz stone. This material is compressed and formed under vacuum condition by mixture of natural quartz stone, polyester resin and other additives such as colour pigments.

The major component (93%) is the crystallized quartz stone which is the third most commonly existing element and third hardest material found in natural after the expensive diamond and sapphire, with Moh’s hardness 7-8 and outstanding physical & chemical properties, all makes the engineered product affordable and durable. It is extremely strong in Heat/Scratch/Impact/Stain/Chemicals resistant compare to other stones, and also high in range of colour options like nature stone.

With all these advantages we can conclude that the engineered quartz stone surfaces is designed & built to avoid all the limitations of other stone materials in decorative use. It is also a healthy & environmental friendly product contains zero radiation not like natural granite, and low in maintenance after installation at home.

Therefore it is the perfect material to replace natural stone for both residential & commercial decorating projects. E.g. kitchen table, kitchen countertops, vanity tops, backsplash etc.