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Torage And Transportation Of The Slabs

Dec 09, 2016

As for the storage and transportation of the slabs, LYX quartz stone apply the following principles:
First, Storage
1. Slabs are stored on a specially-made and rust proofed A shape iron stand. There is an angel of 145’ between the A stand and the ground surface, so the slabs can be safely placed on the storage rack. The contacting surface between the iron rack and the slab will be wrapped by one layer of rubber or wood so as to avoid the scratches caused by the rack or the contamination to the quartz stone.
2. 20 pcs of slabs are enough for one pallet, and the slabs should be placed face to face or back to back so as to better protect the polishing surface. One important thing is direct contact between the slabs backs and the other metals should be avoided, or the surfaces of the slabs will be scratched. The polished edges of the finished products should be protected by soft blanket to avoid scratches.

3. The polished slabs cannot contact the sunlight directly. The effective protecting way is to place the slabs face to face or back to back with the back of the slab toward the outside. And the slabs should be stored at cool and dry places for better protection.

4. Storage temperatures should not exceed 125.6°F. Plastic sheeting can be used to cover slabs stored under direct sunlight.

 Second, while transporting LYX Quartz stone, please ensure that the following principles should be fully complied with:
1. Slabs should be placed on “A” frames, bound firmly, and transported upright. The horizontal transportation should be avoided, or it will put stress on the material of the bottom slabs and cause damages to the slabs.

2. Slabs should be strapped onto A-Frames to prevent damages caused by the edges of the quartz tone. So the straps should be changed in time according to the using situation.

3. Specially made A transporter should be used when transporting LYX Quartz stone around the shop.

4. When transport with cranes, the operator cannot stand under or at the back of the slabs. Operator should stand at the side of the transporting tools to ensure safety.

5. Gloves, Safety Shoes and Glass should be worn while handling LYX slabs.