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What Are The Characteristics Of Granite

May 10, 2017

What are the characteristics of granite

1. What is The Granite

Granite, the main constituent of the continental crust, is a magma formed by the condensation of magma below the surface of the earth.It is mainly in the form of minerals such as quartz or feldspar.The source of the granite is the Latin granum, meaning grain or grain.Because granite is a deep rock, it can often form a well developed, visible mineral granule, hence its name.Not easily weathered granite, color beautiful, colour and lustre appearance can keep more than one hundred years, because of its high hardness, wear resistance, in addition to used as advanced architectural decoration engineering, the hall ground, still the first choice for outdoor sculpture.


2. The Characteristics Of Granite

Granite is a good building material, but the granite in parts of the area overflows radon, a natural radioactive gas.Radon causes lung cancer, and Hong Kong has 13 percent of lung cancer deaths from lung cancer.

It is the most common deep rock in the earth's crust, which is cooled by magma deep in the earth's crust.Because of the paving stones and stone materials, the mining of granite was once an important industry.Granite can be produced by rock or bed, and more representative of irregular rock mass.The main components are feldspar, plagioclase and alkali feldspar, which are abundant, and the relative abundance of the two is the basis of the classification of granite.In most granite, the ratios of the two types of feldspars are less than one half.Belongs to the category of the eastern United States, central and southwest, in southwest England, Baltic shield area, west and central France, Spain and many other areas of most of the granite.Plagioclase is significantly larger than the alkali feldspar, which is common in some parts of the western United States.Alkali feldspar content greatly exceed the plagioclase granite originated in New England, Britain and dozens of locations in Oslo, Norway, but is smaller, the rock mass in northern Nigeria's development is very broad.The amount of quartz in the rock less than 20% is not granite, and the maximum content of dark minerals (iron and magnesium minerals) is about 20% (volume).The few main minerals in granite are white mica, black mica, hornite, pyroxite or rare iron olivine.Black mica can be found in any type of granite, and usually, although sometimes very small.The sodium hornite and the pyroxite (sodium semiite, sodium ferrite, and aeolite) are characteristic of alkaline granite.If there is no one class in the two types of feldspar, it is unlikely to be the main mineral.Dark minerals are usually black mica or white mica, or both.

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