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What Is The Difference Between Marble, Quartz And Artificial Stone?

Jun 22, 2017

What is the difference between marble, quartz and artificial stone?

Many people do not know the difference between marble, quartz and artificial stone where, but also tangled to buy a. Then here on the details and we talk about the three advantages and disadvantages.

1, marble:

Is the long-term natural role of rock, organizational structure uniformity, linear expansion coefficient is very small, the internal stress completely disappeared, no deformation. Marble high hardness, wear resistance is better. Life is relatively long, easy maintenance and maintenance, simple. Will not appear scratches, in the room played a decorative space role.

Indoor walls, stairway walkways, floors and so on to make good use of marble, can also be used for making furniture countertops and indoor and outdoor furniture.

2, quartz stone:

It is not easy to scratch, the content is mainly quartz sand (silica) 95%, the mineral to hard, Mohs hardness of 7.5, hardness comparable to the diamond, not easy to scratch, there is a certain disinfection effect. Metal objects can not scratch the quartz stone.

Not easy to contaminate, quartz stone is produced in a vacuum, its internal and external is a new composite density non-aperture plate. Its surface with corrosion resistance, such as the board if stained or yellowed mark, you can use a cleaning agent or cleaning towel can be removed. In daily cleaning, you can simply clean with water.

Easy to burn, quartz stone is a high degree of high temperature performance, the fire point of 1300 degrees Celsius, the stone of 93% of the quartz contains a complete flame retardant, high temperature performance, not because of stone burning will cause food poisoning occur.

3, artificial stone:

The price is cheaper, soft; shortcomings due to the material is soft and easy to scratch, and anti-leakage performance is poor, and easy hair, vulnerable, its fire resistance is not high, with high resin.

The above is the marble, quartz and artificial stone features made their own introduction, everyone in the case of ample funds, according to their own personal preferences to buy.


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