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What's The Harm Of Poor Quality Quartz Stone To Human Body?

Jul 07, 2017

What's the harm of poor quality quartz stone to human body?

Now the quartz stone has become a home improvement in the mainstream status of a decorative stone, by more and more owners of friends of all ages, but for those who do not understand the quartz stone friends, often asked the quartz stone on the human body in the end there is nothing harm. In order to help the majority of consumers to lift this doubt, today we will do a comprehensive explanation for this issue.

Quartz stone itself is no harm to our body, but some unqualified qualified unscrupulous manufacturers in order to earn profits and create some inferior products into the market, we are talking about the harm is only for these inferior products. The following to one by one list of these poor quality quartz stone on the human body what harm:

Poor Quality Quartz Stone Hazards 1: do not wear easy to cause powder caused by respiratory disease

Although the hardness of quartz stone is high, but some unscrupulous manufacturers in the quartz stone inside the plate will be mixed with excessive bubbles, it will affect the hardness of quartz stone, it lost its original wear resistance, and finally produced The product is easy to break, but also easy to fall powder, if used for a long time, it is likely due to inhalation of excessive powder caused by respiratory diseases.

Poor Quality Quartz Stone Hazards 2: Organic solvents and heavy metals Hazard digestive systems

Some poor manufacturers in the quartz stone production process will use lead or cadmium and other heavy metals such as low-quality inorganic pigments, directly add organic solvents. If you have been using this poor product, which contains heavy metals and other harmful substances will be food as a carrier directly into the digestive system, thus endangering the health of our body.

Poor Quality Quartz Stone Hazards 3: Residual Formaldehyde Long term volatilization may cause cancer

As the cost of quartz stone production is high, so some unscrupulous manufacturers in order to reduce costs, in the production process by adding formaldehyde-containing glue, in order to play the role of solvent, and then the material after processing into the table or will remain super The amount of formaldehyde, on the indoors, it will always be volatile and strong smell of formaldehyde, if used for a long time, it is likely to cause cancer.

Although the price of these inferior products is very cheap, but for our human body is very serious harm, so friends in the purchase of quartz stone plate, do not just for the cheap and buy this poor product, remember to carefully identify.

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