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White Natural Crystal Quartz Stone

Jul 27, 2017
White natural crystal quartz stone.jpg

             White natural crystal quartz stone

White natural crystal quartz stone is a kind of heat or pressure to easily become liquid-like minerals. Is also quite common rock mineral, in the three major types of rocks are there.

White natural crystal quartz stone is a single crystal SiO2 

quality gemstone transparent, crystal shape of the SiO2 single crystal (including double crystal), mineral name for the single crystal quartz, that is, broad sense of crystal, narrow sense of crystal refers to colorless and transparent varieties.

White natural crystal quartz stone columnar crystal column often developed stripes and polygonal erosion, the crystal is a crystal positive light, with a unique bull eye interference map, refractive index 1.544-1.553, birefringence 0.009, very stable, no Cleavage, shell-like fracture, fracture can be with grease luster, Mohs hardness 7, density 2.65g / cm. Crystal is usually colorless and transparent, but with impurities can appear in a variety of colors, according to the color can be divided into amethyst crystal, citrine, smoke crystal and other varieties.