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Yunfu Stone Industry Development Road

Jan 13, 2016

At present, due to the influence of various environmental factors, development in the stone industry, is disturbing, many stone enterprises not only in danger of decline, even more crucial is the loss of confidence. As one of the most important base of China's stone industry in yunfu, arrogance we cannot, need not sell ourselves short. In my opinion, yunfu stone has an unparalleled advantage to the development of industrial clusters and cluster development.

A is the base industry further consolidate. From scale Shang see, yunfu is national three big stone industry base one of, city stone practitioners near 200,000 passengers, stone industrial gross from 2012 of 11.5 billion yuan development to 2014 of 31.8 billion yuan, scale above stone enterprise number by 98 home development to 208 home; from products rich degrees see, yunfu stone products covers 13 big series 23 door class thousand color varieties, processing technology and level in domestic in leading status; from industry supporting Shang see, from imports, and transport, and Production and sale of machinery to the stone production and processing to export, decoration, decoration, industrial chain is relatively complete, small stone machinery has some cost advantage from industrial optimization, promoting the construction of dry port, reduced the cost of logistics and customs clearance; stone inspection center of China standard database-building stone, stone will be a solid basis for standardization and scale into the home improvement market.